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We all dream to have a good house, good lifestyle, financial freedom, time to spend with our family etc. We all are on our path to achieve our goal and desires but very few are able to attain them. Most of the times we feel it is nearly impossible with the kind of income we earn, and are always on the hunt for a better opportunity.

Here is an opportunity to turn your dreams into reality. A new-age system of marketing that has come to our Country after achieving its success stories in many Western, Asian and Countries around the world. An opportunity called DIRECT SELLING.                             ..... read more
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"As for the scheduled holidays of BAKRI ID (EID-UL-ADHA), EMIND office remain closed from Saturday 02.09.2017 To Monday 04.09.2017, hence in regard all Members are requested to plan and fund their Ewallet on or before Friday 01.09.2017, During the period EMIND Customer-Care and Accounting Department remain closed and No Banking transaction for uploads will be entertained from Saturday 02.09.2017  To Monday 04.09.2017. Further after holidays Banking transaction for uploads will start from Tuesday 05.09.2017 10:00 AM onwards."
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